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Hand Held Grabber- Wall-E | S/S | Scrub-E Microfibre Pads


  • Model: tfcp-hhgrabber


Hand held microfibre cover pad gripper, for 30cm Wall-E, Scrub-E, glass/stainless steel Velcro microfibre pads. Easy cleaning of walls, glass, & large mirrors.

The 30cm Hand Held Grabber allows you to clean horizontal and vertical surfaces within arms reach 70% faster than using a cloth by increasing the surface area you are cleaning on your tables, tiles and stainless steel surfaces.

The new design and colour of the TTS hand held grabber has a solid, easy clean plastic construction with wider replaceable Velcro strips. The older version (green colour) of the hand held grabber can be used with the current Wall-E, Scrub-E and glass/stainless steel Interclean microfibre covers.