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Folding Flat Frame Microfibre Mop


  • Model: tfcp-ic868


A 40cm microfibre mop frame that fold for use in mop wringer buckets. The folding frame collapsed in half so a microfibre pad can be used as a normal mop.

There are situations that a heavy duty mop is required and a lot of water needs to be used to clean. There are times that an old fashion mop is required. Wait, maybe not, what if there is a version of the old way of mopping with new technology. Read on!

Techno-Clean TTS folding mop frame allows you to use a antibacterial microfibre mopping pad to entrap grime and germs and achieve a better level of cleaning.

Fit the microfibre mopping pad with eyelets to the frame, step down on the release button and the frame will fold in half allowing you to dip the mop into a mop bucket, gently pull the pad through the wringers, slowly spin the mop and at the same time drop the mop head unto the floor. The spinning spreads the mop head open and the dropping unto the floor locks the frame in place. Start the mopping and when the microfibre mop head is dirty repeat the release, wring, spin and drop steps.

So what is the advantage? The floor is cleaner due to the grime entrapment nature of microfibre, less dirty solution left on the floor, less water left on the floor, less rinsing. The hygiene level is improved because of the entrapped bacteria are being suffocated by the silver ions in the microfibre pad.

The biggest disadvantage is we are back to wringing a mop head. The folding frame can be used with a standard mop bucket but is better suited for use with a wide mouth mop bucket. The best system is the smart mop bucket with press roller wringers and dual solution chambers to keep the dirty waste water separated from the clean mopping solution. Now we are smart mopping like the astronauts.