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Flexi Microfibre Dust Wand


  • Model: tfcp-emfdw10010


Flexible head dust wand with extension handle. Flexi two sided dust wand with a microfibre sleeve that traps dust & is washable.

The flexible microfibre dusting wand is natural cleaning without chemicals. The flexi head can be bent to fit hard to reach places, up high for the ceiling fan blades, vents and down low for blinds, shutters, bookcases, behind & around appliances.

The flexi dust wand can be used with or without the extension handle. If the extension handle is needed for high dusting simply remove the hanging hook from the handle of the dusting wand and screw in the extension handle. The extension handle can be adjusted by twisting the inner and outer parts and then sliding the inner handle out to the desired length.

Lightweight aluminum and ABS construction with a flexi head that can be bend and twisted to different angles to clean most difficult places. The microfibre sleeve can be used moist or dry with one side having a fluffier side for light dust entrapment and on the other side a heavy duty microfibre cleaning surface. The microfibre sleeve can be removed for replacement or laundering.

The size of the flexi dust wand is W70 x D 30 x H680mm. Using the extension handle gives you a total length of 1430mm for the dust wand.