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Bio Healthcare Aqua Mop Mopping



  • Model: tfcp-AquaMop


Bio Aqua Mop microfibre mopping system improves hygiene while reducing mopping time, chemical use, water use, labour cost and WHS issues. No mop bucket mopping, a bucketless mopping system.

The Aqua Mop is a bucketless mopping system using an antibacterial microfibre mopping pad. The Bio healthcare mop has been ergonomic designed and engineered to have the correct shape and weight to make mopping as effortlessly as possible. The swivel head allows for total floor mopping coverage by edge mopping first followed by the standard “figure eight” method.

The bucketless microfibre mop is a top shelf, commercial mopping tool that leaves the mop bucket behind, no filling, refilling, heavy back straining wringing mop bucket use. No mop bucket to spill, bump into furniture or transfer germs to different areas. No dirty, stale cleaning solution in the bucket being transferred from one location to another.

The Bio mop is constructed from high impact plastic with an aluminum handle having comfort fitted hand grips. The Aqua mop has interchangeable colour coded bottles for different area use, silicon trigger cap which allows the Aqua mop to be safety lent against walls, replaceable Velcro gripping strips and a soft silicone replaceable delivery tube. Quality and durability makes this a great cleaning tool.

Easy and simple to use, fit the mop with a Velcro pad, fill the aqua mop solution bottle with cleaning product, press the trigger to release the cleaning solution and start mopping.

The benefits are many, using microfibre entrapped grime and germs so you are not spreading germs, bacteria, grime and dirty water from one location to another location. The bucketless mop reduced water usage plus having less water (no rinsing) on the floor reduces drying time. And there is more, less chemical usage, eliminates waste water, reduces potential injury from lifting, empting mop buckets and speeds up cleaning time saving you money in labour cost.

The ergonomic design addresses WHS (old OH&S) issues and can be used for light duty mopping. The improvement in floor drying time reduces risk of slip and fall injuries. If it was fitted with a remote, paradise.

The Aqua mop saves time, saves money, and provide for better hygiene. Sounds good !!

The standard Interclean TTS Bio Aqua Mop has a grey handle, grey pad frame and a grey solution bottle. The 40cm grey pad flat frame is fitted with replaceable Velcro strips and depending on cleaning situations, the grey Aqua Mop with colour coded pads will fulfil requirements. The product image is for reference only and the pricing is for the standard grey Aqua Mop.

The Velcro antibacterial mopping pads are sold separately because they are designed for different types of floors and area requirements. The average coverage area of a full solution bottle is 225sqm or approx. 10m x 25m but different floors and grime content may affect this “ guide only” information.

For colour coded cleaning, different coloured handles, frames and solution bottles are available on request. For a quick look at the different options available, refer to the image at the bottom of the page.