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Boot Dip Mat



  • Model: tfcp-bootdipmat


Black with yellow safety edging, sanitizing boot dip mat. Fill the boot dip mat with disinfectant and protect your business entrance from bacteria.

Simple, practical, visible, and has to be used every time you enter or exit your establishment. The black mat has thousands of rubber fingers to scrape dirt, grime from the bottom and sides of boots. High walls to retain a disinfecting solution as a boot foot bath to reduce the risk of contamination being walked into your business.

A boot dip mat enhances door entrance bio security for food processing, meat works, commercial farms, plant nurseries, animal shelters, kennels, stables, barns, dairy, cheese, seed quarantine or any area that needs to control and restrict dangerous organisms from being transferred from one location to another.

Germs could be hitching a ride on your visitors shoes, your employees boots or even on your boots. Sock it to ‘em at the doorway and say “no go” to money eating, down time creating, extra bacteria.

The boot dip mat is constructed from high quality rubber with 47mm high yellow walls, cross grip rear design holds the boot mat firmly to the floor surface. Mat size is 980mm x 810mm and holds appox 20lt of disinfecting solution.