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HydroSprayer | Water Sprayer Sanitizer

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  • Model: TFCP-HS-02


The HydroSprayer is a hydro spray gun or water/sanitizer mixer. A sprayer that connects to a hose and mixes water and chemical at the correct dilution to clean or sanitize.

The difference between the HydroFoamer and the HydroSprayer is the application and the tip of the barrel. The foamer has more of a cannon end and the sprayer has a small opening between strips of plastic.

The HydroSprayer unique injection concept mixes the proper amount of concentrate with both air and water to produce a “spray on” sanitizer for the areas that have been cleaned. Using metering tips to adjust dilution rates the HydroSprayer eliminates the time and hassle of manually mixing concentrates, which increases labour productivity and also increases sanitizer performance because solutions are consistently mixed as directed by the manufacturer. Since concentrates are mixed as they are applied, they are fresh and will perform at peak power and waste is minimized.

Application of diluted solution with the HydroSprayer hose-end proportioners is easy. On and off functions are finger–tip controlled using a trigger on the spray gun. These ranges of control helps personnel apply the correct solution and sanitize only where it is needed.

There are two container sizes available, 1.4lt and 2.8lt. The 2.8lt container has a moulded handle which increases the operator’s control over the area of application.

For a simple, easy method of large area sanitation, the HydroSprayer is the answer. A great solution to the problem of spraying a large area with a “no rinse” sanitizer. When the HydroSprayer and the HydroFoamer are used in combination, a total system is provided that allows cleaning, rinsing, and sanitizing with just the use of a concentrate, water and hose. TFCG finds this a great tool to cover large areas with a sanitizer or an all natural enzyme cleaner.

Features and Benefits

  • Two sizes, 1.4lt or 2.8lt
  • Non-electrical
  • No installation required
  • Water and hose only needed
  • Proven, durable, reliable components
  • Compact, easy to store
  • Enhanced safety
  • Easy to use
  • Maximize cleaning product performance
  • Replacement parts available
  • Dilution rate from 1-12 to 1-128

Areas of use

  • Boats Courtyards
  • Bus shelters
  • Restaurants
  • Cellars, cool rooms
  • Food preparation
  • Supermarkets
  • Food processing facilities
  • Food/Fish/Meat transport
  • Poultry/livestock transport
  • Animal care, research facilities
  • Kennels, veterinary centres
  • Gyms, large washrooms
  • Penal institutions
  • Shower areas
  • Service stations, garages
  • Work shops
  • Health care
  • Education facilities
  • Docks, dumpsters ,bins
  • Loading docks
  • Horse floats
  • Waste trucks
  • Aircraft
  • Car, trucks
  • Large equipment
  • Walls, windows
  • Lawn fertilizing/spraying

Hydro Sprayer Kit ---one container, sprayer lid, metering tips, trigger spray gun, coupler, and brass hose connector.