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Freezer Cold Work Winter Gloves


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  • Model: tfcp-fg935y


Cold weather, winter, freezer, cool room, cold storage, ice works, heatlok U-100 thermal lining, hi-vis work gloves.

Flexible, easy to put on, durable, lightweight, good gripping ability, reinforced palm and finger tips, extended neoprene wrist cuff with Velcro strap fastener.

This cold weather work glove is made from synthetic leather with a nylon stretch knit Lycra foam back, a cushioned neoprene knuckle bar to absorb shocks, with a high abrasion resistant rating. The glove has U-100 Heatlok thermal lining, a waterproof breathable lining, a UPF50+ rating for excellent protection. The glove is hi-vis yellow for safety, plus the bright colour makes the glove easy to see and find.

polar bears discussing winter gloves “You said you wanted good gloves to work with and to keep your hands warm"

“I’m here to say thanks, they are perfect”

The Winter Hawk, Artic Bear hi-vis cold weather work gloves can be used for early morning loading, unloading of trucks. That forklift steering wheel sure gets cold to handle.

The gloves are European Community Approved – CE – EN 388 with a 4121 (abrasion)(cut)(tear)(puncture resistance) rating.

The cold weather material handling glove comes in sizes S, M, L, XL.