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Fridge Digital Thermometer | Medical Vaccine


  • Model: tfcp-dtmeditemp


Digital thermometer for refrigerators and freezers with a probe cable to see what the temperature is inside the fridge/freezer without opening the door. Compliance certificates are provided with each thermometer.

The main digital thermometer can be magnetic or Velcro mounted on the outside of the fridge and the remote cable sensor is placed inside the fridge and is secured by using either the adhesive mount, suction cap or screw down mount inside the cooling unit. The thin cable passes between the fridge and seals and the seals remain intact.

This unit has 2 temperature sensors, 1 inbuilt inside the unit for outside monitoring and another sensor on a 3 metre cable for inside the fridge or freezer temperature monitoring. The thermometer has a large digital number display for easy reading. A simple press of the push button switch allows for a cross over monitoring of outside/inside temperature viewing.

Inbuilt alarms can inform you when the temperature limits are exceeded. Also features a Maximum/Minimum memory so that you can see what the temperature levels registered over night or during the weekend.

Wide temperature measuring range. The thermometer that is attached to the outside of the fridge has an inbuilt sensor range that measures from: -10 up to +50C, the outside sensor (on the end of the 3 metre cable which would be inside the fridge) measures temperatures from -50 C up to +70. Both measurements are within a +/- 1C accuracy over the measuring range. The temperature is displayed in 0.1C .

The digital fridge thermometer is suitable for use in medical, vaccine and food fridges. The thermometer meets and exceeds the requirement specifications under Australian Standards for medical, blood, and vaccine storage measurements.

Compliance certificates are provided with each thermometer. The thermometer meets Australian Food Standard requirements and the unit is compliant for one year after purchase. After that period of time the digital thermometer needs to be re-calibrated or re-purchased.

Battery powered ( battery included) allows for the probe to keep working during power outages.

TFCP is able to assist you by providing a wide range of thermometers. Please contact us with your requirements.