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Vacate cleans, end of lease cleans, bathroom cleans made easy with Enzyme Wizard heavy duty bathroom cleaner, no bleach, melts soap build up, all natural, organic.

All natural cleaning, enzyme action, green cleaning, organic cleaner, eco-friendly bathroom cleaner. No BLEACH, no harsh chemicals, easy removal of mould, soap build up, soap scum, shampoo scum, hair conditioner residue, scale, lime-calcium build up around taps, uric acid, faeces, and other organic grime in urinals, toilets, showers and washroom areas.

The ready to use Enzyme Wizard Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a PH neutral, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic, no bleach cleaner. A biodegradable “top to bottom” bathroom cleaner with a sharp, clean, fresh fragrance. The multipurpose cleaner can be used on urinals, toilets , porcelain, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, grout, chrome fittings, tubs, vanities, and shower screens.

To use the heavy duty bathroom cleaner is easy. The natural cleaner has a rapid penetrating, degrading action that breaks down organic matter. Simply spray the area with the ready to use heavy duty cleaner, agitate with a soft brush, allow time for the cleaner to work and then rinse with fresh water. Simple !

A lump of soap on the shower floor, soap dish covered in soap scum, shower screen glass looking like a solid wall, some of the big problems of a vacate clean. Why spend an hour or more on this cleaning job, release the enzyme cleaning workers out of the bottle and let them do the hard yards for you by attacking and softening the grime. The enzymes will be doing a deep, penetrating clean while you are doing the vacuuming.

When the toilet bowl cleaner is used around the toilet area, the enzymatic action of the Enzyme Wizard cleaner will help eliminate odours by attacking the source of the problem.

There are more pluses for using the eco-friendly, organic cleaner. The heavy duty bathroom cleaner does not contain soap but removes the soap residual left behind by other chemical cleaners resulting in a reduction of the slip factor, the product also keeps cleaning as it goes down drains by attacking organic debris in the system, and the enzyme product can be used in a septic system.

Using an enzyme cleaner means that you are not leaving cleaning residual behind which clings to a surface to make your cleaning job harder and harder. The enzyme cleaner allows nature to break down the grime into natural elements, water and air, no residue, bringing the surface back to its original sparkling condition.

Cleaner-Safer-Natural ➜ Win, Win, Win—Yes, Yes, Yes!

A powerful, bio active natural cleaner that is safe for people, children, pets, and the environment. Mother Nature’s cleaning assistants working for you to keep the planet clean. Edwina had a good description of the working of enzymes; she said “natures little scissors cutting, cutting, cutting” organics into little bits until nothing is left.

Once the major bathroom clean is completed it is recommended the Bathroom and Kitchen Spray and Wipe be used to maintain the clean sparkle appearance. The Enzyme Wizard Bathroom/Kitchen cleaner product can be purchased as a concentrate providing cleaning cost savings.

The Enzyme Wizard Toilet Bowl Cleaner is available in 1 lt ready to use (RTU) spray bottles, 5lt RTU, 10lt RTU, 20lt RTU drums. TBC empty spray bottles are also available.


Be aware of the safety and first aid information on the “sds – msds” form

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF):