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Floor Cleaner All Natural No Rinse

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  • Model: tfcp-ewfc
  • Manufactured by: Enzyme Wizard


No rinse, all natural, enzyme action, eco friendly, organic floor cleaner. No harsh chemicals, easy removal of grime, general soils, fats, greases, cleaning chemical residue, uric acid, and other organic materials.

Enzyme Wizard No Rinse Floor Cleaner is a PH neutral, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic, no phosphates, no acids, no bleach, no soap, biodegradable floor cleaner. The multipurpose cleaner can be used on porcelain, ceramic tiles, lino, polished concrete, pool surrounds, stencilled concrete floors.

There is more!!! More cleaning versatility, the multipurpose cleaner can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, wall and ceiling cleaning, as a spray & wipe, on glass and windows, shower screens, etc.

The eco floor cleaner is made from plant enzyme, not bacteria, and has natural ingredients. The eco green cleaner has achieved the highly regarded EPA DFE logo and Enzyme Wizard is permitted to display the logo on the product.

Design for the Environment U.S. EPA
To use the concentrated eco floor cleaner is easy. The natural cleaner has a rapid penetrating, degrading action that breaks down organic derbies. Simply mop the floor leaving a light film of water behind and walk away, no rinsing.

The enzymatic action of the cleaner will help eliminate odours by destroying the source not by only cleaning the surface but by also entering the grout and uneven surfaces to break down the grime that has accumulated there.

There are more pluses for using the eco friendly, organic cleaner. The floor cleaner has no soap but removes soap residual which increases the coefficient of friction (COF) resulting in a reduction in the “slip” factor. The product keeps cleaning as it goes down the floor drains attacking organic debris that cause odour, and is septic safe. The floor cleaner is 100% biodegradable.

Using an enzyme cleaner means that you are not leaving cleaning residual behind which clings to a surface to make your cleaning harder and harder but an enzyme cleaner allows nature to break down the grime into elements like oxygen, hydrogen (water) then air, no residue, bringing the surface back to its original sparkling condition. Cleaner-Safer-Natural >>> Win, Win, Win—Yes, Yes, Yes !!!

A powerful, bio active natural cleaner that is safe for people, children, pets, and the environment. Mother Nature’s cleaning assistants working for you to keep the planet safe.

The Enzyme Wizard Floor Cleaner is a concentrate that is available in 1lt dual chamber bottles, 5lt,10lt,20lt drums. The dual chamber bottle has graduation on the small chamber to aid in calculating dilution rates. The strength of a cleaning solution needed will be related to the “grime level”. The concentrated floor cleaner can be diluted up to 1-100 and still be effective. It can mopped, sprayed and used in automatic scrubbers. When the floor cleaner is used with microfibre cleaning techniques the result are excellent.

WOW, with that type of cleaning versatility, dilution rate I am sure I can cut back on multiple products and save money. Plus there is the no rinse feature which will save me water, time. labour and the floor cleaner’s deep cleaning bio-action will give me a healthier environment. Safe for my staff, the public and for the planet. Impressive!


Be aware of the safety and first aid information on the “sds – msds” form

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