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Toilet Seat Cleaning Dispenser


  • Model: tfcp-wrtasdispenser


The Bentfield dispenser sprays a toilet seat cleaner/ sanitizer unto the toilet tissue with a push of the lever.

Using “Take a Seat” sealed plastic pouches, the dispenser delivers an antibacterial, sanitizing spray that is sprayed over the toilet paper, then using the sprayed toilet paper you wipe the toilet seat and when you are through cleaning just drop the tissue into the toilet bowl to be flushed away.

The liquid is “quick dry” and the seat is ready to use with peace of mind.

Manufactured from quality ABS plastic with a double sided adhesive tape for easy installation. The dispenser is lockable, dimensions are 100mm W x 205mm H x 130mm D.

A quality Bentfield dispenser for Take a Seat plastic pack refill.

For the refills please see code tfcp-wrtasrefill.