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Deb Instant Foam Touch Free Dispenser


  • Model: tfcp-debIFSTF2


Battery operated touch free dispensing system for Deb Instant Foam antibacterial no rinse hand sanitiser(batteries included). The dispenser uses the latest infra-red sensing technology to automatically dispense the hand sanitiser.

Place your hands under the dispenser and a dab of sanitizing foam will be automatically dispensed. Pictograms on the dispenser to aid in the correct use of the sanitising foam, no extra signage needed.

The sanitising foam will kill up to 99.9% of common germs in 15 seconds. The foam is designed to spread rapidly so that your hands are quickly covered in the sanitiser. This foam does not require water to sanitise, so it can be used anywhere.

The sealed cartridge refills contain 1000ml of foam hand sanitiser providing approximately 1,400 applications.

For maximum security the dispenser can be locked and opened with the special key provided, or alternatively it can be easily converted to a keyless, non-locking operation.

Optional catch tray can be used to prevent product landing on floors if dispensers is accidentally activated or misused.

The touch free dispenser can be mounted on walls in washrooms, corridors, hallways, or on Deb’s free-standing chrome stand (optional) image below.

Below is an image of refill cartridge for the Deb no touch dispenser. Click tfcp-debIFS1TF for refill.

Deb® InstantFOAM - IFS1TF - 1L Cartridge (for touch-free dispenser) DEB Instant Foam Touch Free Stand and Dispenser with catch tray, batteries and sign