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Bactisan Dispenser | Anti-bacteria Spray-Air Dry


  • Model: TFCP-bacd


A manual operated anti-bacterial hand spray dispenser for hand sanitizing. With one press of the dispenser trigger, a spray is released that kills 99.9% of most common germs and bacteria. The air dry feature of Bactisan spray liquid cleans hands without the need for soap, water or paper towel. The hand sanitizer can be used after an initial hand wash for added peace of mind. The dispenser is easy to use and the spray is fresh and soft, dries quickly, economical, hygienic, and helps in complying with HACCP requirements.

Easy to load by placing a plastic pouch of hand sanitizer into the dispenser and closing the lid. The individual refill packs reduce the possibility of cross contamination when loading the dispenser, and there are approximately 1,500 applications from each refill pouch.

The dimensions of the dispenser are 21cm x 13cm x 9.5cm. The Bactisan dispenser is secured with an integrated lock. Another great Bentfield product.

A quality hand sanitizing system that can be used in washrooms, councils, work vehicles, schools, restaurants, food preparation, kiosk, supermarkets, nursing homes, aged care facilities, offices, and any first aid area. Ideal for fitting in work vehicles as the sealed pouch will not spill.

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