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Bactisan Hand Cleanser-Sanitizer Refill

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  • Model: TFCP-bacdrefill


A 400ml plastic pouch refill for the Bactisan hand sanitizer dispenser.

The Bactisan dispenser releases a dose of anti-bacteria spray which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, no need to wipe the hands after applying the hand sanitizer as the spray “air dries”. The anti-bacterial spray is fresh, soft, dries quickly, economical, hygienic, and helps in complying with HACCP requirements.

The 400ml individual refill pack reduces the possibility of cross contamination. There are approximately 2000 applications from one 400ml refill pouch making the sanitizer cost effective.

A refill for the Bentfield Bactisan dispenser.

Packed 6 x 400ml per box, 6 boxes per carton.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF):