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Auto Cut Paper Towel Dispenser

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  • Model: tfcp-auto cut 200
  • Manufactured by: JAWS


The Jaws auto cut paper towel dispenser is designed to reduce cost and waste, HACCP accredited, manual operation, easy loading, fully enclosed dispenser ensures the paper stays clean and dry.

The auto cut paper towel dispenser is HACCP accredited and is able to be used in food processing areas and kitchens. The dispenser is excellent for use in washroom or workshops, basically anywhere hygiene and cost saving are required.

An auto cut paper towel dispenser that is easy to operate, easy to load, lockable, and dispenses one sheet of quality paper towel at a time. Hygienic no-touch dispensing, no cross contamination.

The dispenser is a manual operated system meaning there are no batteries to fail or replace, no hard wiring or cabling required to install. Unpack the auto cut dispenser, install it, load it with a 200m paper towel roll and start saving money. Easy!

How am I saving money?

No batteries, no electricity, single paper towel dispensing ( no grabbing a hand full of multi-fold hand towel and only using one or two sheets from the handful, no continuous rolling off-streaming of normal roll towel. The paper towel sheet you have in your hand is the one you will use, which minimizes product waste.

Less paper usage means there is less paper in the waste bin to dispose of, again saving time and money.

The dispenser has a stub roll holder so the first roll will be completely used before the refill roll starts to be used, no partially used roll to be thrown away. No waste and reduced dispenser reloading time is yet another savings.

The 200m roll is dispensed in single 230mm sheets with a sheet width of 200mm, this equals to 866 hand drying paper sheets per roll. The dispenser releases one towel sheet at a time and the smooth action of the auto cut dispenser prepares a fresh paper sheet for the next person’s use. Remember the towel you have in your hand is the one you will use.

The dispenser is made of tough impact resistant materials, the size of the dispenser: 375H x 346W x 240mmD.

The dispenser comes in a choice of black or white and is suitable to be used with the blue food safe Jaws roll towel.

Please note: the Jaws auto cut dispenser is supplied “free on loan” when using Jaws 200m paper hand towel supplied by Time For Cleaning Products. Please contact TFCP for more information.