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Replacement Metering Tips Part for HydroFoamer HydroSprayer


  • Model: TFCP-HFM-08


A kit of 15 colour-coded tips that fit into the lid to allow the correct dilution of concentrate to be dispensed.

The metering tips have a dilution range staring at 1 to 12 with an increasing ratio depending on which tip is used up to 1 to 128. Please note that rates will vary depending on PSI, water and air temperature, water flow rate, and product viscosity (thickness).

Removing suction tube strainer will change dilution ratio and may clog metering tip.

Trialling the different tips will help you find the right tip for your work. A colour guide for metering tips and the approximate dilution rate is listed below. Some coloured tips retain the same dilution ratio because of the previously mentioned variances in conditions.

No metering tip in the hydrofoamer lid creates a dilution rate 1:10

Clear plastic 1:12

Tips-Gray, Black, Beige, and Red are also 1:12

Orange, Brown1:32
Yellow, Aqua1:42

More information on dilution rates can also be found in the TFCP important links.

On the HydroFoamer parts list the code for the metering tip kit is 690014.