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Foamaster 11- Adjustable Dial Foam Gun



  • Model: tfcp-95hgfmr


Foaming gun with five “multi-dial” dilution settings in the lid, foam wand creates a thick, clinging foam, fan spray deflector for spraying sanitizers, 2 lt capacity.

Anti-siphon (back feed) feature built into the hi-vis orange trigger gun for water supply protection, (Note: a slight discharge of water from base of handle when water is turned off is normal and indicates anti-siphon is functioning properly.) The trigger handle can be detached from the jar and used as a powerful spray rinser.

The quick-set dial selects a mixing ratio setting for foam cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting when a foam cleaner/chemical is desired to increase surface contact cleaning time.

The multi ratio dial has a five dilution range setting staring at 1 to 10 with an increasing “dial up” ratio up to 1 to 128.

Before you ask, the reason “A” is first, it represents the highest dilution while “E” the least.

  • code “A” dilution of 1-128
  • code “B” dilution of 1-64
  • code “C” dilution of 1-32
  • code “D” dilution of 1-20
  • code “E” dilution of 1-10

The dial also has a setting of “OFF” for safety, less chance of doing an accidental spraying. Please note that dilution will vary slightly depending on PSI, water and air temperature, water flow rate, and product viscosity (thickness).

The foaming attachment wand provides a foaming fan spray, remove the clip on wand for a solid stream of product. The clip on deflector attachment is used for non-foaming fan spray patterns.

The “easy to fill” 2 litre wide mouth polyethylene jar has exceptional chemical resistance to acidic or caustic cleaners, the hi-vis orange lid is a durable polymer mixing head fitted with stainless steel screws to protect from rust and corrosion. The quick connect coupling is made of brass instead of plastic for longer use life.

Areas of cleaning applications for the Foamaster

  • Supermarkets, food handling and food preparation areas
  • Cellars, cool rooms, fish markets
  • Institutional, industrial, public restrooms, shower rooms, and washrooms
  • Animal care, research facilities, kennels, horse floats, veterinary centres
  • Dairy equipment, packing house, meat cutting rooms and equipment
  • Trucks, cars, boats, waste trucks, and other large equipment
  • Docks, dumpsters, bins, loading docks, etc.

The original, quality Foamaster 11 kit contains: trigger gun, 2 litre jar, screw on lid with swivel connector and “multi-dial”, chemical pick up tube, quick connect coupler, foaming wand, spray deflector, and trigger gun hose connector. Operating instructions , mixing ratio and safety warnings are screen printed on the bottle for quick reference. Spare parts are available.

Easy to use, put the concentrated product into the container, dial up the dilution rate, clip on the wand, hook up the hose to the trigger gun, turn on the water and start foaming.