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Foam Cups-Disposable-Hot or Cold Drinks


  • Model: TFCP-fc8


A disposable white Foam Cup for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, soup, or any other hot drinks. Time For Cleaning Products “best seller” and “most popular” disposable foam cup. The 237ml-8oz foam cup that can also be used for water, juice or cold drinks. The disposable insulated foam cup helps to keep drinks at the proper serving temperature on the inside and hands comfortable on the outside.

An excellent, economical, disposable foam cup suited for the office, clubs, hospitality, cafes, work sites, functions, sporting events, canteens, catering, schools, barbecues, weddings and parties.

A disposable, convenient and hygienic cup for any occasion.

A carton has 40 packs of 25 foam cups = 1000/carton.

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