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Drum Tap | 10lt-15lt-20lt-25lt Plastic Drums


  • Model: tfcp-btap


Plastic bung drum tap that is screwed into the bottom of a plastic drum. The drum tap fits standard 18mm ( ¾ inch) bung on 10,15,20, and 25lt drums.

To fit the bung drum tap; remove the bung ( the plastic plug in the bottom end of the drum), make sure the top cap is tight and then lay the drum on its side with the bung facing up. Now remove the bung and replace with tap, check to see if the tap is in the “OFF” position then stand the drum upright to dispense. Do not over tighten the tap as this may cause stripping of the drum treads and result in product leakage.

It is also recommended to always exercise caution, use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and be aware of the safety information on SDS/MSDS sheets when dispensing chemicals or liquids.