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Drum Pump | 10,15,20,25lt plastic


  • Model: tfcp-25pdp


Plastic drum pump for 10,15,20, and 25lt drum. The drum pump comes in two sections, drum pump and plastic extension tube and fits a 58mm drum neck opening. The plastic extension tube is designed for a 25lt cube but can be cut to fit for use in smaller drum sizes.

The over length of drum pump and the plastic tube is 400mm. The pump is 150mm long and the extension tube is 250mm in length. The drum pump has “screw down locking ” when not in use and each full pump action dispenses 30ml of liquid. Suitable for use with liquid hand wash.

Normal stock is red cap but other cap colours can be provided upon request to aid in product identification.

It is also recommended to always exercise caution, use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and be aware of the safety information on SDS/MSDS sheets when dispensing chemicals or liquids.