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Drum Cap and Tap | Cap Tap


  • Model: tfcp-captap


Drum tap fitted into the cap for easy dispensing of product from a 10lt, 15lt, 20lt, 25lt drum. The cap and tap screws onto the drum neck opening for safe pouring of liquids from a container.

The tap-caps fits a 58mm drum neck and has a air vented system to create smooth flow and stop the “glug-glug” effect when dispensing liquid from a drum. Especially suited for drums that only have the neck opening(no bung plug). The aero flow breather cap & tap allows for dispensing of liquids with less chance of spillage and wastage.

Unscrew the existing cap, firmly screw on the cap tap, lay the drum on its side and you are ready to dispense. TFCP recommends that the drum be stood upright when not in use to prevent possible leakage of product.

It is also recommended to always exercise caution, use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and be aware of the safety information on SDS/MSDS sheets when dispensing chemicals or liquids.