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Chemical Measuring Jugs

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Plastic metric chemical measuring jugs 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L, and 5L., chemical resistant, raised graduations, translucent, food grade jug, PourMaxx.

What is required when using a measuring jug?

Safety, accuracy, easy to read graduations, strong, easy to grip handle, pouring control with a non-drip spout, flat bottom to avoid tipping over, room between the fill capacity and the top of the measuring jug to avoid spilling when carrying, chemical resistant, UV resistant for outside work, clear calibrations in both millilitres and litres, rigid wall structure to avoid flex creating deformity of the measuring jug.

The 100% Australian made PourMaxx measuring jug ticks all these boxes and more. To paraphrase an old saying—that’s not a measuring jug----THIS IS A MEASURING JUG.

The tough polypropylene moulded measuring jugs are designed with permanent raised graduations to make mixing and measuring of chemical solutions easy. The mixing jug is translucent allowing for clear liquid or coloured liquids to be measured with ease and accuracy. The raised inked graduations in both millilitres and litres mean you can see the increments even if the ink has worn off the marking lines. Dependability and durability, that’s what we want.

A strong handle with an index finger grip for better pouring control and a rippled top on the handle for a firm thumb grip area. Safety and pouring control when mixing chemicals is achieved with this ergonomically designed handle. The open design of the handle has a dual purpose, the measuring jug can be used while the user is wearing a glove, the second purpose, easy hanging on a drum, fence, trolley, etc.. The index finger opening can also be used for hook hanging.

Glass and Fork symbol The PourMaxx mixing jugs are constructed from food grade polypropylene and are entitled to display EU’s official logo - the glass and fork symbol. This symbol indicates that the jugs are made from materials that are food safe. The jug will withstand hot and cold solutions.

The patented dual purpose non-drip spout is designed to allow controlled pouring of thin or thick liquids from a dribble, to bulk filling. The thick, strong wall thickness of the measuring jug stops distorting flex making the jug safer and easier to handle. The top of the jug has an inward curved roll top for safety(no sharp edge), and there is plenty of room left between the “top fill line” and the top of the jug. This “freeboard feature” allows the measuring jug to be carried with a decreased chance of spillage.

The PourMaxx plastic jug is chemical resistance to most chemicals, is UV stabilized for outdoor use and has a flat bottom to reduce the chance of falling over. For longer use life it is recommended that the measuring jug not be left in direct sunlight whenever possible. These high impact plastic mixing jugs are made to last but it is recommended that they be replaced 2 years after purchase for safety reasons.

A family of professional grade measuring jugs – available in a range of sizes, from 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L. These measuring jugs are used in many different areas including pesticide, agriculture, veterinary, commercial baking, hospitality, industry, laboratories, clinics, swimming pools, spas, domestic, cleaning, chemical manufacture and in a multitude of other commercial applications where precise liquid measurement is required.

The calibration lines on the 250ml are in 5ml divisions, on the 500lm and 1L-10ml divisions, on the 2L and 3L-50ml divisions and on the 5lt the divisions are in 100ml divisions.

A bushman guide to converting one ounce to millilitres. One ounce is equal to 29.5735 (29.6) millilitres so to make it easy we will say one ounce is equal to 30 millilitres. If we have 12 ounces of a product, that would equal to approx. 360 millilitres. This simple method works well with small quantities but be careful of overdosing as the volume of product in ounces increases.