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Daley White Microfibre Magic Sponge

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  • Model: tfcp-supa-sponge


New and improved white microfibre power sponge.

The white microfibre dimple sponge eraser is stronger, flexible, durable and does not sag during use. Simply moisten the sponge with water and gently rub out marks.

Now curved to give your hand a better grip.

Using a white microfibre sponge has always been green cleaning. The older types of microfibre sponges have a tendency to collapse during use.

The “sag” problem has been fixed with a high density sponge structure making it stronger, durable, re-usable, has less friction wear which results in a “longer life” white magic sponge.

New technology has created a white microfibre sponge with a smooth side and on the other side, dimples. The smooth side for quick wiping and removing of grime and the 3D bumps side “hills & dales”, is used to attack deep build in grime.

The multi-function dimpled white cleaning sponge cleans finger marks off walls, lipstick off glass, pen-pencil-crayon marks, heel marks, and white boards without scratching. Gentle to use and a great alterative to chemical cleaners.

The white microfibre sponge scourer can be used on glass, walls, doors, bench tops, counter tops, white goods, chrome, coffee machines, cooking pots, marble, granite, stone, aluminium, stainless steel, sports equipment, golf clubs, paint that can be gently scrubbed, porcelain and ceramic tiles, other hard surfaces, etc. and is environmentally friendly.

CAUTION: Prior to use, moisten Daley supa sponge, never use dry, the sponge has abrasive quality and it is recommended to do a test clean on a small unnoticeable area to test for suitability. Scrub gently; let the microfibre sponge do the work.