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White Microfibre Cleaning Sponge


  • Model: tfcp-gala-rubout


Using a white microfibre sponge is green cleaning. Moisten the sponge with water & gently rub out marks.

The white cleaning sponge cleans finger marks off walls, lipstick off glass, pen-pencil-crayon marks, white boards without scratching. Gentle to use and a great alterative to chemical cleaners.

The white microfibre sponge scourer can be used on glass, bench tops, counter tops, aluminium, stainless steel, paint that can be gently scrubbed, porcelain and ceramic tiles, other hard surfaces, etc. and is environmentally friendly.

The Gala RubOut white microfibre cleaning sponge is similar to White Magic, Magic Eraser, Merri Magic, Miraclean and other melamine sponges. The disposable sponge is a handy size of 180 x 85 x 40mm, perfect for wide area cleaning. Individuality packed for hygiene purposes.

Prior to use, moisten sponge, never use dry, the sponge has abrasive quality and it is recommended to do a test clean on a small unnoticeable area to test for suitability.