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Sponge Scourer White Yellow-Non Scratching


  • Model: tfcp-edco-18345


HACCP certified dual purpose white & yellow scour sponge. Non scratch application, delicate surfaces, non-stick cook wear.

A general purpose sponge scourer with a sponge on one side for cleaning, wiping and soaking up of liquids and on the other side a commercial grade white scourer to help remove grime.

This sponge scourer is non rusting and can be used in a catering or food related environments. Ideal for wall cleaning, dishwashing, cleaning pots, pans, bench tops and non-stick cookware when used with water. The white and yellow combination sponge scourer can be used for non-aggressive cleaning. Care needs to be exercised on extremely soft metals or special non-stick cookware as scratching may occur and it is advised a small area be trialled first.

The Edco large white yellow sponge scourer is 100 x 150 x 30mm in size and is sold in a value pack of 10 ea.