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  • Model: tfcp-edco 32050


The scissor dust mop has two sides with long handles that create a “V” shape centre for the collection of dust & rubbish. The opening and closing scissor action of the mop handles allow for a maximum open span of 193cm to be achieved and can be “folded in” to adjust for various floor widths which enable easy passage through narrow areas.

This large span saves time by covering large areas in half the time of conventional dust mops. The scissor mop has aluminium handles with strong, heavy duty metal mop frames yet is light enough to use with ease. The dust mop heads are made from mod-acrylic fibre for superior dust and particle retention. The mop heads are washable or replaceable. For replacement dust mop head please see tfcp-edco 32051. The handles of the scissor mop can be closed together for easy storage.

For easy, quick cleaning of warehouses, fitness centres, gymnasiums, airports, hospitals, long hallways, function centres, dance floors, church halls, community centres, any large open area. The scissor dust mop is ideal for the cleaning of large areas and reduces the need of vacuuming, sweeping of floors before using a mechanical scrubber.

The height is 1280 mm, the width of the head is 300mm and the arms are 1100mm long. High enough to use easily, wide enough heads for maximum pick up and in the open position has a dusting, cleaning span of nearly 2 metres.