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Mop Head | Polish Spreader | Sealer | Polyester

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  • Model: tfcp-jaepcmh


For the spreading of polish or sealer a polyester cotton mop head is required. The finer yarn blend has a high lint resistance and with an easier release of the polish, reduces the chance of streaking.

The polyester cotton mop head is HACCP approved and is safe to use in food areas. The mop head can also be used to mop rough surfaces such as non slip floors.

A good way to apply the sealer or polish is using the Edco polyester cotton mop in a figure eight pattern doing small areas at a time and starting with a wall to wall first coat and criss-crossing each addition coat with a system of north/ south then east/west which will interlink the coats and give you a better coverage. Try to maintain a wet edge at all times to blend and feather the sealer to create a smooth seamless finish.

It is recommended that clean mop heads are used and that the mop head has not been contaminated by other use. For example the mop head has not been used to apply floor stripper. Believe me, this does cause a huge problem and it has happened. Sealer and polish are expensive and the cost of labour is high. Mop heads are a disposable luxury in the overall picture.

White in colour to ensure no bleeding of colour into the sealer and available in two sizes, 450g and 600g with a 22mm blue plastic ferrule.