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Mop Head | Microfibre |Red-Blue | Gala


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  • Model: tfcp-bmopmf


Microfibre mop head, standard 22mm ferrule, 2 ply twist yarn, looped ends, round shape, 350gm, solid colouring for easy colour coding identification. An adaptor is included to suit 25mm wooden or metal handles.

Two-ply twist yarn with looped ends reduces linting and fraying, 100% microfibre technology collects more grease, dust and dirt than conventional mops while using less water and leaving less water on the washed floor.

Round shape and straight banding helps retain mop shape, prevents tangling, and allows for greater floor coverage. The microfibre minimalizes drag on floor while highly absorbent yarn creates far superior drying ability. A mop head that is excellent on rough, non-slip surfaces.

The mop head can be used dry or wet, with water or with a cleaning solution (water/chemicals).

Colour coding in accordance with the recommendations of the Cleaning & Hygiene Council of Australia