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Mop Handle Holder-Broom Handle Holder-Tools Hook Holder


  • Model: tfcp-oatesb-12146


Mop handle holder, broom handle holder, small cleaning tools hook holder, cloths and wipes hook holder.

Brooms on the floor, mops behind the door, handles that are cris-crossed in the cupboard, looking for the dustpan, where is that cloth wipe. This handle holder has gravity controlled rolling balls that adjust and grip different size handles securely. It also has built in, pop out hanging hooks that will help you organize your smaller cleaning tools.

To use the handle holder simply position the handle inside the holder and gently lower the handle down. To take out a handle, gently lift up and out. To use the built in hanging hooks just fold one out as needed.

The handle holder will hold 5 handles and has six hanging hooks, hardware and template included for mounting. The multipurpose handle holder is W450 x D102 x H73mm, grey in colour and plastic construction.

The Oates broom handle, static mop, dust mop, mop handle holder has space saving technology, offers neat, secure storage and work safety for your employees. The handle hanger will help tidy up the cleaners, janitors, and storage rooms.