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Colour Coded Mop Broom Handle Holders Starter Pack


  • Model: tfcp tidie allfix hndlholdr pack


Starter pack, three colour coded multi-fit Tidie AllFix mop broom handle holders with 50cmL black mounting rail. Blue, red, yellow handle holders.

If you need to organize your cleaning tools and you require colour coding, this may be the answer, a starter pack. A blue handle holder for the broom, a red handle holder for the mop, a yellow handle holder for the dust mop or dust pan.

The handle holders can hold wooden, metal, fibreglass, and aluminium handles from the size of a pencil to a 38mm diameter handle. The spring loaded rubberised grippers can hold and secure the smoothest of handles and cleaning tools up to 4kg.

The use of the handle holders is easy. The handle is placed below the grippers and with an upward action the handle is inserted into the handle holder, the pinchers grab the handle and hold it securely. The removal of the handle is just as simple, grab the handle, repeat the upward action and lift out.

Tidie multi-fit colour coded handle holders can be colour mixed on the bar and they are able to slide along the mounting bar for positioning. You can make any door, wall or flat surface into an organized storage area by using the AllFix universal mop, broom, tool holders.