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Handle Aluminium Eager Beaver Doodle Bug Pad Holder


  • Model: tfcp-oatesb-11540-b


Extendable aluminium handle, non-treaded end, suited for slide on, c-clip fitted cleaning tools.

The Eager Beaver pad holder, Doodle Bug pad holder, Power pad holder, Oates microfiber flat mop cleaning tools require an aluminium handle that has a smooth end with a hole in it for a slide on, C-clip tool fitting.

The Oates aluminium handle extends to 1.33m for floor or high reach cleaning and or slides back to 76cm for confined area work. The sliding handle can be adjusted at any distance between 76cm to 1.33m by simply releasing the locking grip, adjust to desired length and retighten the locking grip. The top grip has a moulded hole in it for hook hanging.

Images below indicate some of the different types of cleaning tools this handle could be used with.