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Rubbish Grabbers Rubbish Nippers Trash Picking Up Tool


  • Model: tfcp edco 19152 gripper


Rubbish grabbers, nippers, litter grabbers, rubbish grippers, paper picker tool, rubbish pickers, trash reacher.

What a mish-mash of names for a tool that is used to pick up rubbish at arm’s length. A rubbish reacher that can grab a single sheet of paper, a litter grabber that can be used to grab foam cups or empty cans. The handy gripper can safely pick up sharp objects, syringes, and other lightweight general rubbish.

The 70cm reach design allow a person to pick up rubbish safely. The shorter range of the reach has the benefit of the user being able to release the waste into a collection bag or bin with the collection bag or bin being carried in the other hand. The spring “loaded” grooved plastic jaw tips open to a maximum of 11cm and the jaws are closed to pick up rubbish with an easy, natural squeeze action of the hand grip handle.

Squeeze the hand to pick up rubbish, relax the hand to release the rubbish. Lightweight, easy to use, blue jaws and handle grip, corrosive resistance aluminium tube construction.