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Lobby Dust Pan Set Colour Coded


  • Model: tfcp-edco-lobbypanset


HACCP approved general purpose lobby dust pan set, lobby pan & broom, colour coded, broom storage handle clip, large pan capacity.

Lobby pan and broom, large plastic dust pan, lightweight, able to stand upright un-supported, long aluminium handle so you do not need to bend over, a back saver dust pan with a built in broom clip in the colour coded pistol grip for easy broom storage, swivel dust pan base that swings up to allow carrying of dust and debris without spilling. Colour coded yellow for hi vis and safety. The dimensions of the lobby pan are: W300 x D275 x H820mm and it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Lobby dust pan broom is HACCP approved, firm flexible bristles for effective sweeping on hard floors, carpet, mats, and outside areas. The lobby pan broom is lightweight, one hand use with a powder coated handle. The broom is 170mm wide with a 700mm long handle.

The lobby pan is used in the locked position for use in dust sweeping and in the unlocked position for moving from one area to another area. To lock the lobby dust pan, pull the handle towards you gently and the handle clips into the dust pan, to release the pan for carrying, push down and forward on the lobby pan handle and it will unlock the pan from the handle for easy carrying.