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Feather Duster


  • Model: tfcp-oates-b-21001


Oates ostrich feather duster, entraps dust, gentle duster for delicate surfaces, furnishings, computer screens, TV’s, plants, knick knacks, bric a brac.

Natural ostrich feather duster which is gentle on delicate surfaces. The natural oils in the barbed fibres of ostrich feathers entrap dust. The natural flexible feathers allow for easy dusting in tight spots.

Using a light touch the duster is excellent for dusting small ornaments. Individually wrapped with an overall length of 60cm for better control when dusting. The size of the medium ostrich feather duster: W160 x D160 x L600mm. The plastic handle is hygienic and has a loop on the end of the handle for hanging storage.

Care instructions; To release dust, simply shake well after use. For washing details refer to instructions on packaging.

Yes, the ostrich feather duster is expensive but it is hard work to catch an ostrich. The feather duster can always be used for a “dress up” party.