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Electrostatic Duster


  • Model: tfcp-oates-b-40035


Soft grip handle electrostatic duster, the blue fibre electrostatic duster attract dust like a magnet.

Dimensions: W80 x D80 xL490mm. and the handle has built in loop for hook hanging storage.

General Instructions on use and care

Before using, spin the head of the static duster to open up the artificial fibres by rubbing the handle back and forth between your hands. This will spin the fibres out and fluff up the duster, making it ready for use. The static electricity charge can be built up in the duster simply by dragging the brush across any surface.

To remove the dust from the electrostatic duster, simply take it outside and shake it upside down vigorously. If you require a more thorough cleaning of the duster you may use warm soapy water, followed by a clean water rinse, then hang to dry. Too much trouble, buy a new one.

The duster is not recommended for use on computers or other static sensitive items. Keep the electrostatic duster away from fire and oil.