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Lockable Cleaners Cart



  • Model: tfcp-pmcart


A cleaning cart that is multifunction, lockable, has superior tool organization space with ease of use. An excellent lockable cleaning cart for healthcare, shopping centres, public areas and all locations that need lockable security for chemical cleaning products. Appealing and safe, what a beauty.

Clean-up Cart Features
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Clean-up Cart Easy Opening Lid

Easy Opening Hood Lid: One lid on each side allows access or closure from either side. The hood lid slides open or closed.

Clean-up Cart Access Doors and Aluminium Frame

Access Doors: A hinged door on each side gives easy, secure access to the main body of the cart.

AluminiumFrame: A sturdy aluminium frame for greater rigidity and strength.

Clean-up Cart Security - Secure Top-Locking Mechanism

Security: Locks on both doors as well as both hood lids secure the contents from pilferage if the cart is left unattended.

Clean-up Cart Excellent Tool Holders

Excellent Tool Holders: Four tool holders for mops, brooms, dust-mops, and any tools with handles. Tool handles fit easily into the holders without any pressure or pushing.

Clean-up Cart Safety Sign Hooks

Safety Sign Hooks: Designed to hold A-Frame Safety signs securely.

Clean-up Cart Mop Bucket Shelf

Mop Bucket Shelf: Heavy-duty bucket shelf beneath the tool holders. Mops and bucket stored together.

Clean-up Cart Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection: The large vinyl bag holds plastic garbage bags which are easily removed and installed via the zip flap at the front of the bag. The vinyl bag itself does not need to be removed. In addition a hinged lid keeps the garbage bag closed while a shelf beneath the bag gives support and relieves pressure on the bag hooks as the bag fills and gets heavier. The shelf can be folded up and removed if not required as can the vinyl bag itself.

Clean-up Cart Caddies and Buckets

Caddies and Buckets: The body of the cart contains a pair of buckets to hold cleaning bottles, aerosols, cloths. In addition a pair of caddies beneath the hood lid hold small items such as soaps, plastic bags, bathroom sundries, air-freshener cartridges. These can be removed if not required and the bare shelves used for linen or similar storage.

Clean-up Cart Ergonomic Control

Ergonomic Control: Ergonomic, easy-grip handles make pushing the cart a breeze.

Clean-up Cart Wheels and Castors

Wheels and Castors: Non-marking, quiet-run wheels and swivel castors.

Carts are shipped as a flat pack carton ready for construction. Instructions are included and it is not particularly difficult to do but if you do not have the time or staff to allocate to building the cart, TFCP can do it for you. Within the Sydney metro area the assembly charge is $40.00. Outside the Sydney metro area there is an increase shipping cost due to the size of the cart but we can assembly the cart if you require. The assembly charge and additional freight cost will be added to the invoice.