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Stainless Steel Cleaning - Food Grade

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  • Model: TFCP-rpss


A high purity, odourless, food grade, water free Stainless Steel Cleaner ideal for HACCP based food preparation areas. Research Products brand is a high shine, smear free, food grade stainless cleaner and protector that contains no silicone or detergents.

Food contact surfaces should be cleaned and rinsed with potable water prior to application of Stainless Steel cleaner.

Surfaces soiled with grease and carbon need to be cleaned with “Breakaway” or “Oven and Grill Cleaner”, rinsed and then the Research Products Stainless Steel cleaner/protector applied.

Application of the S/S cleaner can be done by the dry cloth or spray & wipe method. With the dry cloth method; apply directly from the container on to a dry lint free cloth—see multipurpose cloth 601 in Wipes—do not use paper towels or “Chux” type cloths as these may cause smearing. Apply a small amount of stainless steel cleaner along the grain, wipe off the excess, and then buff to evenly spread and help polish the surface. With the spray and wipe method; spray the S/S cleaner onto the surface and then with a dry, lint free cloth rub along the grain and buff to achieve desired shine.

Do not apply bleach to stainless steel as it is sensitive to chlorine and contact with bleach could result in staining and/or damage to the stainless steel protective film. Avoid using steel wool to clean S/S as it is made of carbon steel and any fragments left behind could cause rust. Clean, non abrasive nylon scourers are a good solution to this problem. For safety and handling, replace lid and seal container after use. DO NOT USE or Spray near sources of open, naked flame as this product is combustible.


Available in 1lt, 6 x 1lt carton, 5lt, 3 x 5lt carton.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF):