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Liquid Gold Window Glass Cleaner

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  • Model: tfcp-rp-chrc-39115a


Research Products Liquid Gold, a concentrated window, glass cleaning liquid. Liquid Gold offers streak free window cleaning with no ammonia odour and is a mineral remover, rust staining remover that contains no acids or alkali.

A professional window cleaning solution for the professional window cleaner.

Liquid Gold helps to restore glass by removing light calcium and iron hazing, applied neat to the window and kept wet by continuous sleeve washing movement. LIQUID GOLD will dislodge and dissolve medium deposits of lime encrustation, exhaust carbon grime, salt water smut, brown water staining and iron deposits from bore water. To achieve this result without acids or alkali is simply amazing and LIQUID GOLD is an essentially neutral product.


To remove calcium staining, rust staining and deep environmental stains. Apply Liquid Gold neat by spraying or applying with WHITE scourer pad. Keep wet by re-applying or agitation with the WHITE pad for at least one minute then hose or sponge off with water. To achieve a better finish, “squeegee off” the remaining water.

To make a brilliant glass, chrome and mirror cleaner, dilute Liquid Gold 1 to 20 parts water and use as a spray and wipe.

To use in a window cleaning bucket with a sleeve tool, add 4 full caps of Liquid Gold to your bucket. Your squeegee rubbers will glide easier and your result will be cleaner.

Liquid Gold can be added to your car window wash tank, 20mls per 2 lt (that's about 4 teaspoons).You will have the cleanest windows ever - no smear, no bead up and your rubbers will last longer.


Read directions before use.

Download the Safety Data Sheet (PDF): Liquid Gold MSDS