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Crossfire Cleaner Degreaser


  • Model: tfcp-chrc-37015


CROSSFIRE is an instant action cleaner, concentrated formula dissolves and floats away hardened fats, food spillages, nicotine stains and floor polishes.

Its medium suds formula and high performance make it ideal for pressure washers, steam cleaners and automatic scrubbing machines.

NOTE: before using, read directions on the label and dilute the product according to the application type (cleaning job) as per the product label. Crossfire cleaner is a concentrate, dilution is required for the product to perform correctly.

Caution: wear suitable gloves and PPE as required.

How to use Crossfire cleaner

KITCHENS-----------Use NEAT(undiluted)

(E.g. Ovens, range hoods, rotisseries, exhaust fans, etc.)

Ovens and cook tops:

  1. Heat to approximately 80oC. Turn off.
  2. Spray CROSSFIRE over surface.
  3. Leave to soak for 5 minutes.
  4. Re-apply and wipe off with Oates scourer.

Ducts and filters:

  1. Spray and leave to stand 5 mins.
  2. Pressure spray with hot water.

DRAINS------------ Use NEAT(undiluted)

To keep drains flowing freely, apply 500ml weekly to drains.

INDUSTRIAL----------- Use NEAT(undiluted)

Rubber marks, some glues, printing inks

Apply until softened, scrape deposits, repeat application as necessary and rinse.

HEAVY DUTY DEGREASING---------------- Dilute 1 to 10 parts water

Restoring floors, quarry, ceramic tiles and concrete, marker pen, tar grease and road film.

HEAVY DUTY SPRAY & WIPE-----------Dilute 1 to 20 parts water

MAINTENANCE CLEANING------------ Dilute as instructed per cleaning application

Automatic scrubbing, high pressure-washing. General soil on most washable surfaces.

Soaking cleaning cloths and metal parts or utensils.

For greasy soils, use hot water if possible to assist soil removal.

Note: Addition of Research Foamex may be required to control foam build up when use in auto-scrubbers.

Important: when used in food establishments rinse all surface with potable (drinkable) water after use.


Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information sheet before use.

Poisons Information Centre: 13 11 26 from anywhere in Australia.

GENERAL HANDLING PRECAUTIONS --- WARNING: This substance is alkaline (high PH). Wear rubber gloves and goggles if handling, spraying this product, or using Crossfire cleaner for prolonged periods.

CAUTION: Before use, don impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side-shields.


Click/Touch Crossfire to download the SDS.