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Breakaway-Degreaser-High Foam Cleaner-5lt


  • Model: tfcp-rs-chrc-36015a


Breakaway is a powerful foaming water based degreaser cleaner used to remove grease and fats from floors, walls and equipment used in the food, fish, poultry, meat and dairy industries.

Research Products Breakaway is approved by the DEPARTMENT OF PRIMARY INDUSTRIES for use in establishments registered under the Export (Meat) Regulations. Breakaway is a concentrated commercial product.

Breakaway can be applied manually by hand washing, spray, broom and pressure rinse. It may also be applied by low pressure foaming equipment ( foam gun) for maximum contact time on the surface prior to rinsing. It is ideally suited for restaurants and commercial kitchens, as it contains no caustic ingredients that could damage painted, vinyl surfaces and cooking equipment. Use for all spray and wipe applications or manual scrubbing operations followed by a potable (clean) water rinse.

NOTE: before using, read directions on the label and dilute the product according to the application type (cleaning job) as per the product label. Breakaway is a concentrate, dilution is required for the product to perform correctly. Caution: wear suitable gloves and PPE as required.


For extreme build-up of fat on extractor fans, filters, smokehouse carbon. Spray and wipe. Spray, broom and hose flush. Spray & pressure wash. Hot water works best. Dilute 1 to 5.

Initial cleaning of floors and equipment, soap scum in showers, burnt on food residues, tyre marks, filter pre-soaking, ideal for meat industry applications and cool room cleaning. Dilute Breakaway for rich, clinging foam. Pre-spray and pressure wash. (Agitate with a broom if required.) Hot water rinse if possible. Dilute 1 to 10.

Meat transport vehicles, poultry trucks, fibreglass containers, wine tankers. Foam or spray on. Water rinse after agitation. Work from bottom up. Dilute 1 to 20.

Maintenance mopping of kitchen floors, general scrubbing or auto scrubbing. Light to medium grime. Soak tank cleaning of glassware, utensils. Rinse with hot water if possible. Dilute 1 to 80.


Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information sheet before use.

Poisons Information Centre: 13 11 26 from anywhere in Australia.

GENERAL HANDLING PRECAUTIONS --- WARNING: This substance is alkaline (high PH). Wear rubber gloves and goggles if handling, spraying this product, or if used for prolonged periods.

CAUTION: Before use, don impervious chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses with side-shields.


Click Breakaway to download the SDS