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Orange Squirt- Citrus Resources

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  • Model: TFCP-cros


A GECA licensed Multi-Purpose Spray & Wipe cleaner-degreaser concentrate with pleasant natural fragrance. Blended natural ingredients of D-Limonene and vegetable based detergents results in a general surface cleaner that removes greasy grime and hardened fats by softening and solubilising the biomass.

A chemical cleaner that is pleasant to use because it does not contain “glycol ether” or petroleum distillates solvents; these ingredients usually "hit you for six" by creating fumes. This doesn’t happen with Orange Squirt because of its list of natural ingredients contain no phosphates, EDTA’s or NTA’s.

An economical concentrated cleaner with a clean, sharp citrus fragrance that can be diluted for a various range of cleaning jobs. The product can be used for general spray & wipe, mopping, light duty cleaning in automatic scrubbers and bin cleaning.

Available in the following sizes or packages: 5lt, 3 x 5 lt and 15 lt.


Verification of Environmental Choice Australia Licence issued to E.D. Oates Pty Ltd: Ecolabel

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF):