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Air Freshener Dispenser-Insect Spray-Digital-Programmed-Metered


  • Model: tfcp-lx82501


A metered air freshener dispenser that can be used with either an insecticide or air freshener spray can. The cost saving, time saving digital metered air freshener dispenser is designed to automatically dispense aerosols spray at regular intervals for odour or insect control.

It can be programmed to release metered doses of aerosols for odour or insect control and can be set for “Off/On time, awake and sleep days, and dispensing intervals between 1 min to 59 mins.

For example: the office is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 6 am to 5 pm and you would want the aroma to be dispensed every 15 minutes. You would program the dispenser to operate within that time frame and be dormant the rest of the time.

The durable white Polypropylene dispenser with ABS plastic settings body ensures that the color of the unit remains vibrant over time and require minimal maintenance that can be done with simple wiping over to keep the unit in good condition.

The digital air freshener dispenser is battery operated using 2 “D” Alkaline Batteries ( not included), and has a flashing LED light that gives notification that the batteries need to be replaced. The dispenser can use either a 3000 shot or 6000 shot can.

For odour control and air freshening in washrooms, foyers, reception, entrances, offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, etc. For control of insects, flies, roaches, etc in waste or dumpster areas.

Special Feature: ICD indicator, On & Off switch, with lock and key, and test button. The dispenser can accommodate most standard metered aerosol can refills with dimension of 135mm x 65mm, which is the most normal 3000 or 6000 spray can refill size.

Dimension of the dispenser are 90 x 65 x 220 mm, and can be screw or double sided tape wall mounted.

Please note insecticide sprays may damage plastic dispensers that are not constructed from Polypropylene.