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Air Freshener Dispenser-Digital-Programmed-Automatic-Metered


  • Model: tfcp-ad270a


The cost saving, time saving digital, metered air freshener spray dispenser is designed to automatically dispense aerosols spray at regular intervals for odour control. It can be programmed to release air freshener at 7.5min, 15min and 30min intervals. It can be operated to function with a 12 hour or 24 hour configuration.

The durable ABS plastic body ensures that the color of the unit remains vibrant over time and requires minimal maintenance that can be done with a simple wiping over to keep the unit in good condition. The digital air freshener dispenser is battery operated using 2 ā€œDā€ Alkaline Batteries ( not included), and has a flashing light that gives notification that the batteries need to be replaced. The dispenser can be screw or double sided tape wall mounted and uses either a 3000 shot or 6000 shot can.

For odour control and air freshening in washrooms, foyers, reception, entrances, offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, etc.

This dispenser is not suited for use with insecticide spray.