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Natra-Kleen Concentrate Spearmint 1 Lt


  • Model: tfcp-natrakleenSP1


Natra-Kleen Spearmint is a multi-purpose, highly concentrated natural cleaning product with a fresh, clean fragrance. Non-toxic and non-corrosive, septic safe, and can be used for domestic or commercial cleaning.

Natra-Kleen Concentrate is non residual on all surfaces, biodegradable and easily broken down by natural processes into harmless substances.

How Concentrated is Natra-Kleen?

As a guide Natra-Kleen can be diluted into 3 basic cleaning solutions.

  • General Purpose cleaner 33-1
  • Window Cleaner 125-1
  • Floor Cleaner 333-1

What this means is the product is very effective and economical. In simple terms one litre of Natra-Kleen will make 333 lt of floor cleaner.

The product is supplied with a pump to aid in creating correct dilution.

CLEANING TIP: if there is solution left in bottle and more concentrate is added the dilution rate has been changed to a higher concentration and may result in streaking.

For recommended uses and dilution guide please touch/click Natra-Kleen information (PDF).

Suggested area of use by manufacturer

Natra-Kleen Concentrate will replace all:

  1. General Purpose spray and wipe
  2. Window cleaners
  3. Floor cleaners
  4. Shower cleaners
  5. Degreasers
  6. Car and Boat Cleaners
  7. Carpet spot removers (test an area first)
  8. Carpet shampoo/cleaners (test an area first)
  9. Laundry detergents
  10. Dish washing detergents
  11. Dishwasher detergents
  12. Dishwasher rinse aids

Is Natra-Kleen Spearmint concentrate safe?

Natra-Kleen Concentrate has been independently tested by certified laboratories and complies with the international non-toxicity and biodegradability standards set down by the USEPA and the OECD.

Natra-Kleen Concentrate has also been tested by SMI Inc to meet with strict Boeing standards for the cleaning of interiors of commercial passenger aircraft.

Natra-Kleen is classified as Non-Hazardous according to criteria of the National Work, Health and Safety Commission Australia.

This product is NOT classified as Dangerous Goods according to the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code or as a Scheduled Poison according to the SUSDP.

Natra-Kleen Concentrate is available in 1lt, 5lt and 15lt containers.


NOTE: Before using, read directions on the label and dilute the product according to the application type (cleaning job) as per the product label. Natra-Kleen is a concentrate; dilution is required for cleaning applications for the product to perform correctly.

Please contact us for the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information sheet.