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Umbrella Wrapper-Long or Short-Charcoal



  • Model: tfcp-udcd


Dual umbrella wrapper for short or long umbrellas. Basic charcoal finish.

Wet umbrella bag dispensers offer a safe and easy way for customers and employees to bag their small or large wet umbrellas.

Wrapping the brolley will help to prevent floors from becoming slippery, unsightly and ultimately unsafe from umbrella water drips. Helps to prevent on-site accidents and liability.

These double dispenser umbrella bag stand wrappers do not need to be plugged into an outlet nor have other moving parts that can jam. The dispenser is on casters, wheel out the dispenser on rainy days and wheel it away when not needed. Front facing opening for easy access.

Each side of the dispenser holds 1000 recyclable poly bags.

Dimensions: 41cm across x 33cm deep x 80cm high

Just insert the umbrella in the oversized top opening and down into the body of the dispenser. Pull the umbrella forward for a fully wrapped umbrella.

How to use the umbrella wrapper

Bonus mat 600 x 900mm with ea umbrella wrapper purchased.

Prestige-Diamond-Grey bonus mat