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Lemon Disinfectant- Cleaner

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LEMON DISINFECTANT is a yellow coloured liquid that contains a combination of cleaning agents and highly effective quaternary sanitisers with a long lasting, pleasant lemon residual perfume.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Tasman Chemicals Lemon Disinfectant

  • Multi-functional cleaning product, cleans, sanitises and deodorisers in one application.
  • Contains a broad spectrum bactericide
  • Contains a high residual perfume which leaves a fresh long lasting fragrance.
  • Based on mild detergents.
  • Phosphate Free formulation, Fully biodegradable
  • Product registered under Accord’s "Recognised - Environmental Credentials Scheme”
    • Tasman Chemicals is an Accredited Australian company ISO 9001 quality certified.

      A cleaning product formulated with principles of biodegradability and environmental standards compliance.

      Nature’s Mate logo indicates the product is based on Tasman Chemicals policy of- Renew, Regrow, Reuse, Sustain

      Recognised® products have undergone independent third-party scientific assessment against a multiple-criteria standard.

      The Recognised® eco-label identifies environmentally preferable commercial cleaning products.

      Environmental System Technology logo Nature's Mate logo Environmental Credentials Scheme logo



      LEMON DISINFECTANT has been specially formulated to clean all hard surfaces and to leave cleaned surfaces germ free.

      Typical uses would be the cleaning and sanitising of bathrooms, showers, toilets, basins, locker-rooms and change-rooms.

      LEMON DISINFECTANT is an ideal cleaner/sanitiser for use in motels, hotels, surgeries and nursing homes.

      Stains, grease and dirt marks are all quickly and easily removed from all hard surfaces.


      • For use as a commercial grade disinfectant, use at a dilution rate of 1 to 80 in warm to hot water, where extra heavy soil needs to be removed a 1 to 40 solution may be required.
      • For spray and wipe cleaning, fill trigger spray with diluted solution. Apply to surface using clean cloth. For bucket cleaning, fill bucket with diluted solution, apply to surface, using a cloth for small areas and a mop for floors.
      • Rinse cloth or mop when soiled.
      • Allow surfaces to air dry.

          Before using, read directions on the label and dilute the product according to the application type (cleaning job) as per the product label. Lemon Disinfectant is a concentrate, dilution is required for the product to perform correctly.

          Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information sheet before use.

          For sds --Click/Touch Lemon Disinfectant Tasman Chemicals SDS (PDF)