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Blue Wash Liquid Laundry Detergent

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BLUEWASH LIQUID is a clear, thick blue liquid combining a blend of powerful cleaning agents, detergents and specialty optical brighteners.

BLUEWASH LIQUID ensures maximum cleaning performance on all soils encountered leaving fabrics clean and bright with a fresh floral residual fragrance.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Tasman Chemicals Bluewash Liquid Laundry Detergent

  • Suitable for top and front loading machines.
  • Concentrated liquid with controlled foam properties.
  • Excellent cleaning results in hot or cold water settings.
  • Contains superior optical brighteners which produces maximum whiteness and brightness.
  • Contains a specialty substantive perfume leaving a fresh residual fragrance on the fabric.
  • Suitable for all hard water conditions, contains water softeners.
  • Contains Anti-Bacterial Agent, Bluewash can be used as a pre-spotter for tough stains.
  • Made From Renewable Resources, contains no surfactants made from petroleum solvents.
  • Contains no EDTA, NTA etc., all surfactants made from vegetable origin, excellent aquatic toxicity.

Tasman Chemicals is an Accredited Australian company ISO 9001 quality certified.

A cleaning product formulated with principles of biodegradability and environmental standards compliance.

Nature’s Mate logo indicates the product is based on Tasman Chemicals policy of- Renew, Regrow, Reuse, Sustain

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BLUEWASH LIQUID can be used in all types of washing machines, front and top loading. Bluewash removes a wide range of household stains including grease, fat, blood, oil, dirt and perspiration.

The highly active biodegradable “naturally derived” detergents used in Bluewash ensure that the toughest soils and grease are removed quickly and effectively. The naturally derived ingredients are gentle on the skin.

BLUEWASH LIQUID is also suitable for use in industrial washing machines for “on premise” laundries in nursing homes, motels and hotels.


  1. Top loading machines use ½ cup for a normal wash load, for heavy soiling use up to 1 cup.
  2. Front loading machines use ¼ cup for normal wash loads, for heavy soiling use ½ cup.
  3. Hand washing and soaking ½ cup to a bucket (5 litres).
  4. Pre spotting. Pour a small quantity onto the stain, rub gently and place soiled garment and balance of detergent into the wash


Before using, read directions on the label and dilute the product according to the application type (cleaning job) as per the product label. Bluewash liquid laundry detergent is a concentrate, dilution is required for the product to perform correctly.

Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information sheet before use.

For sds --Click/Touch Bluewash Liquid Tasman Chemicals SDS (PDF)