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Glass-Stainless Steel Microfibre Pad


  • Model: tfcp-intts-00734


Velcro backed microfibre cover for cleaning glass and stainless steel. Extra fine microfibre cleans glass, mirrors with ease.

The 30cm pad is used slightly damp and with the hand held grabber. For high reach glass cleaning the telescopic pole fitted with the glass pad Velcro frame with lock is the answer.

The pad is best suited for interior windows, mirror, glass balustrades, glass partitions, and stainless steel.

It is suggested that a separate pad be used on stainless steel as the nature of s/s is to create a protective film and there could be a transfer of that film to glass, creating streaking.

Microfibre in itself will not scratch surfaces but with its ability to entrap grime, a component of the grime may become abrasive. Care by the user needs to be exercised in these situations.

The pad can be laundered over 300 times.

Images for suitable pad holders are at the bottom of page.