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Bulk Microfibre Cloths-Colour Coded-50/ctn


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  • Model: tfcp-edcotufmfbulk


The large 36 x 36cm microfibre cloths are packed in a bulk carton of 50 cloths to help reduce costs. Colour coded Tuf Microfibre Cloths are ideal for all commercial and healthcare cleaning applications.

The microfibre cloth can be laundered numerous times for re-use but it is suggested that bleach and fabric softener be avoided as they will damage your cloth. Avoid washing microfiber with materials that are prone to lint. Microfiber will continue working during the wash cycle and collect lint in the small spaces between the fibres, making the microfibre cloth ineffective.

Microfibre cloths can be used with water “only” for green cleaning, a truly environmentally friendly cleaning cloth.

Bulk buying will help the budget yet still provide all the benefits of microfibre cleaning. Available in 3 popular colours (blue, red, green) to assist in the prevention of cross contamination. Colours tones may slightly vary from product images. Sold in carton only, 50 cloths per carton.